It GOES!!!

Over the holiday I’ve been able to put in quite a few days working on the car. Today I finished up the high voltage cabling, wired all the low voltage circuits (+12v, ignition lines, hall pedal…) and spent some time building an interface cable for the Zilla (since I misplaced the original). At the end of the day, I lowered the car off the jack stands and took it for its maiden drive.

Still on the To-Do list:

  • Fix sensor switch in door latch
  • Re-attach the front bumper
  • Wire up DC-DC to charge the 12v battery
  • Mount charger
  • Vacuum brake booster
  • Power steering pump
  • Install cabin heater
  • Covers for the battery boxes
  • Wire up the amp-hour meter
  • Build and install the BMS
  • Cooling pump for the Zilla

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