Makin’ connectors

When I purchased my cells, they came with these copper bus-bar-ish connectors. They are bent in such a way that provides a little compliance between connections. This helps lower the stress on the cell’s binding posts.

They are basically four pieces of .02″ copper held together with some heat-shrink. They are sized to join two cells sitting next to each other with their wide sides touching. If the cells are position with their narrow sides touching, these connectors are too short.

(Note to cell manufactures – please locate your binding posts so that we can use the same length connector regardless of the orientation. Thanks)

For my last EV build I had to some slightly longer connectors to handle the narrow end orientation. Fortunately, I can re-use those for this project. However, I also need some special connectors for the front battery box. So, I ordered up a sheet of copper and started cutting…
I made a cardboard template as a guide. I located the holes in the template about 3/16″ further apart then the actual hole spacing to allow me to add the bend. Long ago I had free access to a waterjet cutter so cutting out shapes like this was a breeze. These days I have to pay for waterjet cutting, so it just wasn’t worth the expense for a few connectors. So, tin snips did the trick.


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