Just a little rain…

Over the last two weeks, almost every time I wanted to work on the car, it was raining. Since my car is outside, this makes it tough. So, this week I lowered the car back down on its four wheels and moved it into our covered carport. I hope it’s the last time I have to push the car by hand.

Note to self – avoid pushing the car over your foot.


After the move, I got back to work. The first task was to mount the two 2/O cable glands in the front trunk.  It turns out that removing the gas tank wasn’t such a bad idea after all.  It made the task of running cables to the front trunk MUCH easier.


Next I mounted the front battery box and filled it with cells. This would have been much easier if the my cells hadn’t gotten just a little swollen while in storage. It meant that I had to compress groups of cells between two aluminum plates squeezed with several pipe clamps while I applied poly strapping to keep them compressed. Then I could fit them in the box.

I’ll be replacing the poly strapping you see in the picture with strapping that goes all the way around the box. With the idea that it will hold the cell in the box if the car every was to roll over.  However, there is so much friction between the cell I would guess that they are not going anywhere.

In addition to that work, this week I received a piece of .02″ copper sheet. I will be using it to make the weird cell connections in the front box. More on that next time…

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