Looks like I need a new slave cylinder…

I found two issues (maybe related). After talking to the go-ev guys, I learned that the shaft on the Warp11 motor is designed to move ~1/8″ when a significant amount of axial load is applied.  It just so happens that my new high pressure clutch presses applies a significant amount of force.  The problem was that I mounted the shaft coupler about 1/16″ away from the motor face.  So, when I pressed the clutch, the shaft coupler would rub on the motor housing.  After I discovered this, I took everything apart and moved the shaft coupler out about 3/16″ away from the motor housing. After assembling all back together, I pressed the clutch and squishhhhh. I heard something spraying inside the bell housing. At that point I called it a night. The next day I took everything apart (AGAIN), and found the bottom of the bell housing full of hydraulic fluid. I pulled the slave cylinder and saw that the bellows were full of fluid and there was a tiny crack where it could spray out. I ordered a new slave cylinder which should arrive early next week.

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