A fancy new clutch

My last EV project had an issue with clutch slippage.  If I got on the throttle too hard from a standstill, I could feel the clutch slip for half a second before it grabbed.  I definitely did not want to repeat that problem.  So, I called up the guys at Kennedy Engineering and asked them to make me a clutch that could handle the torque of my electric motor.  The claim their clutch can handle a 500hp+ engine.  So, I assume my “little” motor will be fine. $800 and three days later I’ve got a new pressure plate and clutch disk.  The springs on this new pressure plate are about three times as thick as the original. I have a feeling this will work quite well.

The new one is on the left…



If you look closely at the photos above, you can see the difference in the thickness of the spring steel fingers.


Before I bolt everything together, I had to make a couple modifications to the aluminum flywheel (which I took from my previous EV). The old pilot bearing was too big for the Porsche input shaft. So, I removed the old bearing, found a thicker walled bearing, and machined the flywheel to make it fit.  I also had to take of a little meat around the dish of the flywheel so it matched the diameter of the Porsche’s dish.  I geeked out a little, getting the everything aligned within +-.001″.

Thanks to my buddy Mose for letting me use his BIG lathe.

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